Mountain Bike

Irazú-Turrialba Volcanos

EXTREME or EASY Mountain Biking near Turrialba Valley or Turrialba Volcano , Costa Rica. Enjoy spectacular views of the Volcano and impressive forests that surround you as you pedal to your heart's content!

¡So get ready for the ride of your life!


We will leave early in the morning from the hotel and travel toward the colossus Irazú Volcano, the place where the tour will begin by mountain bike to the town of Turrialba. This voyage is approximately 50 kms, 90% of which is downhill. An excellent view will accompany us for the entire journey.

The Irazú Volcano is an active volcano with a long history of eruptive cycles and is an area of great hydrological importance. From this volcano several rivers that feed the basins of the Chirripó River are born. These include the Reventazón River, the Sarapiquí River, and the Grande de Tárcoles River.

The origin of the volcano’s name is of an indigenous town that existed in its proximities called Iztarú, a word that meant for the indigenous "hill of the tremor and thunder". However, through the years, as product of the verbal communication, it has been modified to its current name, “Irazú.”

This volcano is one of the most visited areas of the area, so much by the national tourists as international.

Minimum: 2 people.

The price includes

All the services of transport going and returning to the hotel in Turrialba.

Food (lunch).

Bicycle and helmet (certificated).

The prices don't include

Non-specified food and transport.

Personal expenses.

Optional Tours.


Non-specified alcoholic drinks.

How to pack? What to take?

In this type of trip, you will visit volcanoes and mountains. Therefore you will get ready for temperatures between 15° C (50° F) and 33° C (90° F) on average.

You should use the appropriate clothing. Therefore try to bring light garments that dry with ease. We hope the following list helps you to pack. If it is possible, try to fit everything in a handbag.

Saying this, we will present you what the visitors to the wild life of Costa Rica commonly take.

List of baggage


Insect Repellent.

Special shoes for mountain bike or tennis shoes.

Underwear and socks.

Shorts or cycling uniform.


Sun Glasses.


Finally, don't forget your personal medications.

Important notice

This program is available with a minimum of 2 participants.

In some occasions, the additional baggage can stay in the hotel or in the facilities of Ecoadventures when the logistics of the program allow it.

The mentioned services include all the taxes (food, 10%, and a 3% sales tax).

What type of people are capable of participating in the tour? Any person in normal physical condition except women in pregnancy, people with recent surgeries, people in a state of drunkenness, handicapped people or people with some illness that doesn't allow them to carry out the tour.

All our activities will be carried out with bilingual guides specialized in each one of the different activities and you will be given a security chat before each one of them.

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