You'll rappel down medium waterfalls, jump into pools, zip down guided rappels, downclimb the canyon walls and river boulders, and hike up through the rainforest.

We pack all kinds of adventure into the best canyoning experience in Costa Rica!


The clients will be picked up in Turrialba different, and we will direct toward the mountains of on the southeast side of Turrialba where the Canyoning tour is located. Arriving to Sitio Mata, the specialized guides will take charge of preparing to the whole group for literally descend for 5 waterfalls and at the end 1 natural water slide , a good chat of security and instructions and everybody ready for the adventure.

Like 3 hours of tour and of turn in the facilities properly equipped to change us and to eat lunch, after a small recess we will go of turn to Turrialba.

The price includes

All the services of transport going and returning to the hotel in San José or Turrialba.

Feeding (1 lunch).

Specialized Bilingual guides.

Special Canyoning Equipment for this type of activities.

Canyoning Tour.

How to pack? What to take?

Shoes to walk, tennis or sandals, pant or shorts, T-shirt, cap or bandana, bottle for water, sun block, repellent of insects, towel and extra clothes to be changed after the tour. Finally, don't forget the personal medications.

Minimum: 2 people.

Which people are capable to carry out the tour?

Any person in normal physical condition, except women in pregnancy state, people with recent surgeries, in state of drunkenness, handicapped people or with some illness that it doesn't allow them to carry out the tour.

Duration of the tour

The time of duration is of approximately 3 hours, depending on the quantity of people that participate.

The prices don't include

Non-specified food and transport.

Personal expenses.

Optional Tours.



Non-specified alcoholic drinks.

Important notice

All our activities will be carried out with bilingual guides specialized in each one of the different activities.

In all our tours you will be explained thoroughly how carrying out the different activities and you will be carried out a chat of security before each one of them.

All our activities will be carried out with bilingual guides specialized in each one of the different activities and you will be given a security chat before each one of them.

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