Pacuare Rafting

1 day Tour

On the Pacuare River you will enjoy Best White Water Rafting in Costa Rica and one of the top tours in the world, you will make this a tropical experience that you will remember forever, animals, and exciting rapids make this a tropical adventure packed with rich experiences that you’ll remember forever.


All the pick-ups will be between 7am and 7:30 in the morning in Turrialba and surrounding areas. Subsequently we will travel toward "Finca 3X" in the Pacuare River where the guides await to equip us and to teach us the rules of the river. Later on we will raft a section of quick class II, III and IV rapids concluding at the bridge of Siquirres (the place where we will take a shower and change clothes and then undertake our return to Turrialba or other destinations).

Minimum 2 people.

How to pack? What to take?

In this type of trip you will visit mountains and rivers. Therefore you will get ready for temperatures between 15° C (50° F) and 33° C (90° F) on average.

You should use the appropriate clothing. Therefore try to bring light garments that dry with ease. We hope the following list helps you to pack. If it is possible, try to fit everything in a handbag.

Saying this, we will present you what the visitors to the wild life of Costa Rica commonly take.

List of baggage


Sun block.

Insect Repellent.


River sandals.

Underwear and socks.

Pants or shorts.

Skirt or dress.

Long or short sleeve T-shirt.



Important notice

This program is available with a minimum of 2 participants.

In some occasions, additional baggage can stay in the hotel or in the facilities of Ecoadventures when the logistics of the program allow it.

The mentioned services include all the taxes (of lodging, 16.39%, food, 10%, and a 13% sales tax.)

Finally, don't forget personal medications.

For the river: Shoes with rubber sole (that can be wet), shorts, t-shirt or swimsuit, rain jacket, sun block, cap.

Which people are capable to participate in the tour? Any person in normal physical condition except women in pregnancy, people with recent surgeries, people in a state of drunkenness, handicapped people or people with some illness that doesn't allow them to carry out the tour.

The price includes

All the services of transport.

Food (lunch).

Special equipment for the rafting activities.

Properly equipped facilities.

Finally, don't forget your personal medications.

The prices don't include

Non-specified food and transport.

Personal expenses.

Optional Tours.


Non-specified alcoholic beverages.

All our activities will be carried out with bilingual guides specialized in each one of the different activities and you will be given a security chat before each one of them.

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